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Summer Bucket List

Hey there!

The other day I read a post on Meals and Moves with a great summer bucket list.

What a cool idea!  Even though the majority of our summer is already planned out I thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Here’s what I came up with…

1. Cook and eat outdoors as often as possible.  We love grilling during the summer and we eat outside on the patio several times a week so this is an easy goal for us!

2. Go hiking.  This is one thing we always talk about doing but don’t do nearly enough.  There are so many great hikes in our area and I would love to take the love nugget and the white coyote on some of them this summer.

Image DetailSource

3.  Go to the lake. We have so many lakes in the surrounding areas and within an hour that we very rarely visit!

Lake Almanor 2010

4. Travel.  We already have a few trips planned with the love nugget and without 🙂

5. Finish a half marathon with my hubby.  Signed up and training for one in August!

6. Try out a new recipe every week.  I love cooking new recipes but often fall into a rut of cooking the same things weekly whether it’s bbq chicken or roasted veggies.  I need to broaden our menu options.

Pinned ImageSource

7. Craft.  I enjoy crafting but with a 1 year old it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.  I have so many neat craft ideas pinned on pinterest that I’d really like to work on.



8.  Take time to visit family.  All of our family live at least 2 hours away and while we are often very busy here, we need to take the time to go visit family, especially grandparents!

9.  Host a wine swap party.   You might have heard… I love to host parties and spend time with good friends.  I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting a wine swap and just need to get the invites out!

10.  Have more date nights out and at home.  The past few months have been so busy for us that we haven’t been focusing on our relationship as much.  This is so key to a happy, healthy marriage and we both need to make more of an effort to just hang out together.

Pinned Image


11. Pick berries and make jam.  I make jam at least once a year and we are completely out of homemade jam.  I even had to buy some the other day which I haven’t done in years!

Pinned ImageSource

12.  Make homemade pasta sauce to freeze or can.  We planted tomatoes this year and I’m hoping we get enough to make enough homemade sauce to last through the winter.

Fresh Tomato SauceSource

13. Play outside.  The love nugget really enjoys playing outdoors and I try to do it at least once a day but often times get busy and stay indoors.  Now that our backyard has new grass and is well maintained it makes it much nicer to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors.  I’m typing this outside right now while the love nugget plays in his water table!

14. Go to the mountains.  I love everything about being in the mountains!  The air, the smell, the trees, and of course the scenery.  While we both love to go camping, we aren’t really sure about taking the love nugget yet so hopefully we will at least go rent a cabin or make a quick trip one day this summer!

Pinned ImageSource

Mt. Shasta is near to my hometown 🙂  Love being able to at least see it every time I go home for a visit!

15. Try a crossfit workout.  The hubby does them every so often and I have a few friends that have jumped on the crossfit train.  So I figure I might as well see what all the hype is about 🙂

Pinned Image

I’m sure I could add many more things to this list but like I said we already have a ton of fun stuff planned this summer and knowing me, I’ll pile so much on my bucket list then I won’t have time to do any of it!  So I’ll keep it somewhat simple 🙂

What’s on your summer bucket list this year?  Please share!


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