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A little fun!

Good morning!

I saw this today on Peanut Butter Fingers and thought it was kind of neat.

Look at the picture below.  What are the first four words that jump out at you?

They are supposed to describe you.

I saw passionate, patient, peaceful and talented.  I don’t know about talented but I think the others are pretty right on.

I would love to see what words popped out at you, please share!

This morning we are off to Stroller Strides for a workout then hopefully Michaels to pick up some craft supplies for a father’s day gift.  June is flying by so fast and father’s day is next weekend!

I’m hoping to get in a 5 mile run today before heading off to a wine tasting class with my cousin.  I love learning about wine from different regions and tonight class focus’ on the Napa region.  I’m actually not a huge Napa wine tasting fan.  I prefer the smaller, less touristy towns like Healdsburg, Sonoma, Amador, and Lodi.  But… maybe we’ll taste some wines that will force me to take a vacay to Napa soon!

Breakfast today

Was a wedge of waffle from last night with almond butter and 100% maple syrup with a green smoothie.

The waffles turned out pretty good but very filling!  I couldn’t even finish my smoothie!  The love nugget loved them!

Hope everyone has a great day!


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