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Handprints and tears.

How was your National Running Day?

We had a busy morning with an apt. at 8:15.  Since we were rushing to get out the door before 8:00 I didn’t get a very good breakfast.  3 pieces of apple with some peanut butter yogurt dip and a cup of coffee.  Not enough to hold me over long!  So, while at Target, I grabbed a Larabar to hold me over.  Larabars are one of the only processed bars that I will eat since they have less than 5 ingredients, are all natural and have no added sugar.

When we got home, the love nugget napped for a bit while I made some headway on cleaning up our office.  It’s been a disaster since before his birthday party and I’ve been avoiding it by keeping the door closed for a few weeks now.  When he woke up we shared a banana then headed off for our run!

We got back just in time for lunch.  Turkey and Kale meatballs with peas, and tomatoes for the love nugget and a green smoothie for me.  I wasn’t in the mood to make much for lunch so I threw some frozen berries, kale, cottage cheese, protein powder, hemp seeds and water into the blender and mixed away.

It was pretty tasty and very filling!  I chomped on some frozen raw almonds as well.

Yesterday as I was cleaning up the love nuggets room and going through his closet when I found this,

I had totally forgotten that Nani bought it for the nugget when he was first born.  So cute and so easy!

I followed the directions and mixed up the plaster with water then dumped it back into the tin.   The love nugget was just finishing up lunch so I thought he would happily place his hand into the plaster and voila!  That wasn’t exactly how it went though.  When he put his hand in the first time (that’s right, the first time, it took several), he squished up his hand and grabbed at the plaster.  It startled me so out of instinct I inhaled sharply and said, “No no!”  This scared him and resulted in this,

After a few more tries I was able to get a decent hand print but he was not really enjoying it.  Luckily I had some “ice cream” (frozen bananas and strawberries pureed) leftover from the other day and that seemed to make everything better.

When doesn’t ice cream make everything better!?!

Here is the final result on the hand print.  It’s not too bad 🙂

The love nugget has been very interactive lately with the white coyote.  He chases after him, then runs away and hides behind us cracking up when the white coyote is coming after him.  He has recently learned how to drop food for him, how to give him treats and how to play tug-o-war with him.  Since before the love nugget was born, the white coyote has been very good at leaving the nugget’s toys alone.  Sometimes he gets confused and will pick one up to play with but as soon as we tell him that the toy is not his, he drops it and never touches it again.  The love nugget however, is not so good at distinguishing which toys are his or the white coyotes.  Every once in a while I will catch him with a dog toy in tow and now that he has learned how to play tug-o-war, he is often trying to get the white coyote to grab his toys.

Which is exactly what he was trying to do this afternoon.  The poor white coyote is trying so hard to not snatch that toy right out of his hand.  He has some will power for sure!

Tonight, the hubby had a work event so that meant I was taking the love nugget to swim lessons solo.  I hate being cold and after watching the hubby and the love nugget in the pool the other day, there was no doubt in my mind I was going to freeze.

Once we got in the water though it wasn’t that bad.  Today we practiced putting our heads under water.  The love nugget didn’t really love this but compared to the other little boy, he handled it like a champ!  Just a little cry then he was fine.  He seems to like showing off for the teacher a little.  When she comes over to him he lights up talking and reaching for the floating balls in the pool.  Quite the little flirt we have already 🙂

Tonight since the hubby wasn’t home for dinner, I ate some left over tofu nuggets and roasted a bunch of veggies.

This picture was taken after I chowed down on half the pan.  I love roasted veggies with just a little bit of olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper.  I sprinkle some fresh lemon juice on top and gobble up!

After dinner I whipped up a batch of waffles for the love nugget and the hubby to have for breakfast.  Depending on how they like it, I might post the recipe 🙂


Did you do any running today in honor of National Running Day? 


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