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National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day!

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In honor of such a special day, and because it’s part of our half marathon training schedule, the love nugget and I will be running 4 miles today.

How do you plan on celebrating today?

Since it’s a running kind of day, I’d thought I’d share a few insights on two running apps I use often.  Mapmyrun and Nike+ are the two that I have found to be the most user friendly and have everything I like to have while running.


I have been using map my run since before I had an iphone.  I would log on and create my route then try to remember street names while I was on my run.  It was a great resource when I didn’t have the luxury of a smart phone.  Now that I do, I use this app the most.  It has lot of different options and settings available.  You can even add friends and compete or compare your distance, times, pace etc. with them.  I use the basic options of mapping my runs, recording my time, pace, calories burned and then saving for future runs.  I really like how on this app you have the option to change the distance or time that it tracks and notify’s you.  Mine is set for 1 mile.  So every mile, a woman comes on my headphones and tells me my total time, distance, average pace and current pace.  This is so helpful for those long runs when you are trying to track your pace.  The one thing I wish I as able to do was to pause my workouts by clicking on my headphones like I can do with Nike.  I like to pause if I’m stuck at a stoplight so my time and average pace doesn’t get messed up.  Other than that, I LOVE this app!  I’m sure there are a ton more features on here as I’ve noticed they have a nutrition link, but I have yet to check them out.


If you have an iphone, this app is already installed on your phone.  However, you have to have the nike+ sensor in order to use the app.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

The hubby got me the sensor for Christmas but I didn’t use it for a while because I usually don’t run in Nike shoes.  However, I bought a pair of Nike’s that I’ve been enjoying running in for a few months now, so I occasionally use this app.  I will start with saying I don’t enjoy this app as much as I like Mapmyrun.  There aren’t as many options and settings available but there are a few things Nike does have that Mapmyrun does not.  It connects directly with your itunes so you can start your music from the app.  You can choose to create a playlist through the app and even add a power song that you can access when you REALLY need it on your run.  It allows you to pause your workout by clicking on your headphones.  This is the one thing that I like most about this app as I mentioned I like to pause my run if I stop.  Unlike Mapmyrun, Nike does not offer a feature that tells you your mileage, time, pace etc. throughout your run.  If you push on the main button of your phone it will, but while running with my phone on my arm this is a little difficult to do.

While I enjoy the mapmyrun better than the nike app, I’ll sometimes use Nike if I feel like I’d like the option to pause my workouts but for the most part I use mapmyrun.

If you like running and are in the market for a new running app, check it out!  I promise you’ll love it!

Again, happy National Running Day!

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Do you have a running app other than the two I discussed that you enjoy using? 

What’s your favorite “Power song?”


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