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Swimming in the cold

Hi there!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

After a busy, fun weekend, we spent yesterday afternoon being lazy.  We kept talking about going for a walk but it never happened.  Which was fine by us since we were both a little pooped from the mornings 7 mile run.  So we ended up getting hooked into a silly Matthew Mcconaughey movie.  One of those movies that you would never watch unless you caught it on T.V. just like we did 🙂

We finished off the evening with a yummy dinner.  Probably the best black bean quinoa burgers I’ve ever made for me,

and beef burgers for the hubby.

We both had roasted sweet potatoes topped with goat cheese.  I would love to share the recipe for the black bean burgers but I seriously just threw some stuff together.  A can of black beans, quinoa, oat flour, nutritional yeast, salsa, a roasted red pepper, garlic, an egg, salt and pepper.  I pulsed everything in a food processor then spooned patties onto a greased frying pan.  They cooked perfectly!  I placed the black bean burger on top of a bed of massaged kale with lemon juice and topped my burger with avocado hummus from the farmers market.  My new obsession!  I’m going to have to try to replicate this soon!

After dinner we enjoyed the Red Velvet bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

I’ve decided that I like bundt cakes more than regular cakes or cupcakes.  They are slightly more dense and have just the right amount of frosting.  Plus, it’s a cream cheese frosting which is my favorite!

This morning, the love nugget slept in and we almost missed SS!  But he awoke with just enough time to eat some toast, blueberries and an egg while I scarfed down a bowl of overnight oats topped with blueberries.

This afternoon we had our first swim lesson for the love nugget.  The hubby wanted to be a part of this so we scheduled our lessons for June since we figured the weather would be warm enough for evening sessions.

However, this is what the sky looked like when we arrived,

Luckily the rain had passed through earlier but it was still chilly and windy.  I was very glad I wasn’t the one getting into the pool!

The love nugget has only been in a pool once in the past year and it was when he was just a little wee nugget.  He screamed his head off that time when he was just a little nugget so I thought he might have the same reaction today since it was so cold out.

Even though he looks like he’s telling me to get him out, I think he actually liked it.

Especially when he got on the boogie board/foam floating duck to kick around.

The boys were freezing when they got out of the pool.  Thank goodness it was just a 30 minute class and we only live 2 minutes away!  When we had the love nugget all cleaned up and he was nice and warm snuggled in bed, the hubby and I sat down for dinner.

Beef burgers for him again,

and Mamma Pea’s tofu nuggets for me along with roasted cauliflower and broccoli topped with, you’ll never guess, goat cheese!  Haha, we love goat cheese!

Now I’m going to go catch up on the Bachelorette.  Usually I watch it on Tuesdays but we have a busy day tomorrow with swim lessons again tomorrow evening.  Hopefully it’s not too cold!

Have a great night!!!


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