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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hi there!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

We had a really fun weekend despite the fact that the love nugget and I were both fighting off a cold ūüė¶

Friday we had some friends over for dinner and the love nugget enjoyed playing with his buddy.

They’ve been friends since they were just little baby nuggets so it’s been really fun to watch them grow and learn throughout this year.

Saturday morning was when my cold really hit me and we debated staying home but I’m glad we didn’t.¬† We got up and headed up to Redding to visit my mom, brother, his fiance and my grandfather.

It’s nice to get out of the city every once in a while and enjoy some relaxing country time.

The love nugget really enjoys being outdoors so he was going crazy at my mom’s house with so much room to run around.

He rode a tricycle…

ran around on the grass…

and rode around on his new quad that his great-grandma got for him…

He looks like such a country boy with no shirt on riding a camo quad!  Ha!

Sunday morning I woke up feeling much better so the hubby and I went for a 7 mile run at a nearby park.

The view made for a much more pleasant run than our normal city streets.

Then we cleaned up and headed up to Turtle Bay Exploration Center.  Neither the hubby nor I had ever been so we thought it would be a fun thing to do with the love nugget.  It has a few different exhibits and lots of local wild animals.

We saw fish…

the love nugget drove an old¬†truck…

we walked across the Sundial Bridge

paused for a family photo…
played with some flowers…

and on a really neat mosaic bench that reminded us¬†of Spain…

It was a¬†fun¬†day and a really fun trip!¬†¬†With all the fun stuff we did I’d have to say my favorite part was getting¬†to see my¬†grandfather with the love nugget.

Precious ūüôā

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