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Cake pops and cookies

Hi folks!
Happy start to Memorial Day weekend!  Hope everyone has something fun planned for this weekend including a shout out to all the troops past and present who work so hard!

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We’re having some friends over for dinner tonight and then have a weekend with family planned.  Surprisingly, it’s raining right now.  It is supposed to rain today and possibily tomorrow.  As much as I’d rather it be sunny and warm, I’m looking forward to some rain to soak all the pollen that has been driving my allergies crazy this past week.  Bring it on wet weather!

Tonight for dinner we are firing up the grill despite the rain.  Luckily we have a large covered patio so the hubby won’t get drenched while cooking our kabobs.  To go with the kabobs I’m trying out a new salad I saw on one of my favorite blogs, Iowa Girl Eats.

Grilled corn orzo salad with chili lime vinaigrette

Except that I’m going to use quinoa instead of the orzo.  So addicted to quinoa and I bought a huge bag of it from Costco a while back.

For dessert, my friends were looking forward to some cake pops that are left over from the love nugget’s birthday party last weekend.  Surprisingly, we had a good amount left so I stored them in tupperware in the fridge.  Well… at least I thought until the conversation at dinner last night.

Me – “I hope the cake pops from last weekend are still good.  We are having them for dessert after dinner tomorrow.”

Hubby – “Oh yeah, they are still really good.”

Me – “Wait, how do you know their still good?”

Hubby – “I’ve been eating one every night after you go to bed.”

Me – “What? How many are left?”

Hubby – “There’s still like 15 left, for sure.”

Well…. after dinner I checked and his 15 was more like 7.  Hmmm… So to make sure there were enough sweets for after dinner, I whipped up a quick batch of Mamma Pea’s Peanut butter cookie dough balls. 

And of coarse since their vegan, I ate half the cookie dough while I made them… damn eggless cookie dough!

Hopefully everyone will also dig into these that are also left over from last weekends festivities.

While I’m not even a huge fan of sixlets, for some reason I have a hard time not reaching my hand in there and grabbing a few out several times a day.  I’m tempted to toss them but am saving them for the love nugget’s second birthday party in a few weeks.  If they make it to then…

For now, I’m cuddling with my love nugget watching Sesame Street while he drinks his milk and I enjoy my new favorite beverage.

The perfect amount of coconut and mango with a light effervescence and natural sweetness.  Only 2 grams of sugar and 20 calories for the entire bottle.  A nice yummy treat that is good for my tummy!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!




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