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Windy day

I really dislike the wind 😦

I usually don’t have allergies but lately with the wind I have been struggling with them.  Today was one of those days.   It started off not too bad but the wind continued to pick up as the day went on.  I think the love nugget has them a little too.  Either that or… he is getting a cold 😦  Which is much worse than dealing with allergies.

The other damper with a windy day is that it makes running not very fun and running with a stroller almost unbearable. It was so windy today that I had to postpone my run until tomorrow.  This half marathon training isn’t going so well right now but hopefully I’ll get back in the groove next week.

The love nugget has still been teething and I saw this recipe on sugarfreemom.com that I thought might soothe his mouth a little.  Honey Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Drops.


Since the love nugget still can’t have honey, I substituted agave nectar for the honey.  I called our pediatrician yesterday to double check that he could have it and they said we’re all good!

And he loved them!!!!  I had a few myself, they are pretty tasty!

Tonight for dinner we had a yummy meal with two things I hadn’t made before.  I had seen this recipe for a yummy farro salad and had everything except the farro.  So I used Quinoa instead and it was pretty yummy!

I wasn’t really thinking when I decided to have Vietnamese Tuna Burgers with the “farro” salad.

Photo Courtesy of Self.com
Sorry, the battery wasn’t charged in my camera and I didn’t think to take an iphone photo.

Mediterranean and Vietnamese?  We it was a very ethnic dinner but really good!

I wasn’t sure the hubby would be a fan since he doesn’t like to step outside his “beef” burger box that often but he said it was really good!

Very light and refreshing, perfect for a summertime meal 🙂

Now we are relaxing watching Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.  Hilarious!

Have a great evening 🙂


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