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Closets and cabinets

Morning!  Well, early afternoon.  We woke up to a lot of rain 😦  So, feeling a little lazy, we decided to skip Stroller Strides (workout group) this morning and get a few things done around the house.  As the love nugget ate his pancakes, bananas, and blueberries I drank a chocolate peanut butter green smoothie and tackled this…

No matter how hard I try I seem to be organizing this cupboard every few months.  The past few days it has really been bothering me so I jumped in today.  I started with the bottom shelf and organizing the spices.  I try to keep savory spices together and sweet baking spices together that way they are easier to find. The spices I use the least I put towards the back with the ones I use the most right in front.   My hubby and I love Red Velvet cupcakes which calls for red food coloring.  I can never find the single bottle of red so I end up buying an entire box of food coloring.  So… I had three boxes all missing the red.  I consolidated them into two boxes.  I love drinking hot tea and evidentially I really like Trader Joe’s Candy Cane decaf green tea since I found three boxes.  Hmmm…. consolidate!

I had several boxes that had just a few tea packets in them so I tossed them all into one box and cut off the top so that I could see the individual packets.

I hate having half empty bags of nuts, chocolate chips etc.  So I grabbed a few empty jars and emptied out some loose bags.  I recently took some chalkboard paint and painted several jars so I could buy bulk and store rice, quinoa etc. in labeled jars.  We cut out all sugar from our diet so I stored our brown sugar and regular white sugar in the back on the top shelf since I don’t use them anymore.   It’s still jam-packed but much more organized 🙂 In our next house one of the top things on our list is a pantry!

When I was finished with that, the love nugget and I read a few stories then he went down for his nap.  I took advantage of the alone time and hopped on the eliptical for a quick workout.  But… the love nugget woke up after only 30 minutes so I tidied up my closet while he watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Another top priority for our next house is a LARGE walk in closet.  In the mean time, I’m making do with the space I’ve got.  Luckily we’ve got a small walk in closet in our office/craft room where my dresses and spring/summer clothes live for now 🙂

I’m a major Pinterest fan and from there I have discovered a few closet organizing tips that I thought I’d share with you.

I’ve always struggled with how to store my scarves and boots.  I recently I found a tip on how to hang them both on hangers  from the following blogs.


I store the majority of my wedges on a shoe shelf that I got from Target.  I found it easiest to store on facing in and one facing out to save space.  I have a basket of shoes that I don’t wear as often and then heels and pumps are stored on the very top shelf as I don’t wear them too much.

The other side of my closet houses my tops, jeans, sandals and flats.

I’ve always color coordinated my tops because it is so much easier to find what I am looking for.   Looking at this picture I can see I need to buy some more colorful articles of clothing!  There is some yellow, pinks and browns on the side 🙂  I organize my jeans into four stacks the two outer stacks are those that I dont’ wear as often while the two center piles are pairs that I wear more.  When I was pregnant, I had hubby help me put in a bar to hang my flip-flop/sandal hangers that again I found on Pinterest.  They were super easy to make!


Now we are heading down stairs for a snack and some play time!  Hope everyone has a good day!


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