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1 year old


This was me last year right about this time.

This picture was taken the day we “checked” into the hospital as if we were checking into a hotel.  That’s right, I was “very” overdue and ready to get the love nugget out of me!

After waiting for 11 days past my due date and not making much progress we checked in to begin the induction process.  I really wanted to avoid it as I had researched the increase of C-section associated with being induced.  But… my doctor ensured me that I would be okay so we went ahead with the process.

We checked in at 7:00 pm and I came prepared with magazines, books, and games for a long night ahead of me.  I was given a drug that would help to start the process that night and then was to be given pitocin around 10:00 the next day.  Around 4:00 my water broke but still no big contractions.  So the doc came in at 7:30 and gave me pitocin to bring on the contractions.  And that it did!  Within 30 minutes I was in the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.  But I’ll spare you all the details.  Got an epidural at 10:30 and was back to normal by 11:00.  Started pushing around 3:15 and the love nugget finally arrived at 4:21 pm on May 23rd.

We were beyond happy to finally meet our little guy!

Everyone always tells you how fast the first year goes by but there’s no way to really understand this until you experience it yourself.

This year has been filled with so much joy it’s beyond words.  Were there frustrations, sleepless nights, moments of insanity (or so we thought), yes, but the happiness that this little man has brought us outweighs those moments without a doubt.

Happy Birthday to our little man!  It’s been an amazing year and we are so blessed to have you as our son!


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