The love nugget’s 1st birthday party part 1, the decorations.

The love nugget had quite the birthday extravaganza last weekend and he had a blast!

I started planning his birthday bash months in advance.  I’m one of those people who loves to plan but hates to be stressed or rushed so whatever I could get done early I did.

I found his invites while browsing Pinterest from an Etsy shop.  I just had to wait until I had the perfect picture which was taken by our amazing photographer JessicaBphotography.  Once I had that, I emailed the pic and was sent a PDF file which I printed on photo paper, cut and mailed.  So simple!

I found another Etsy shop while browsing pinterest where I could order a package with cupcake holders, thank you cards, food and beverage labels and cupcake toppers.

Pinned Image


Again, I just emailed her what I wanted and she sent me the PDF files so I could print them all myself.  Worked out perfectly since you never know just how many of certain things you’ll need and very reasonably priced too.  I ended up printing out a few blank food cards the day before the party!

Since the theme was little man, my mom and I made a tie wreath out of old ties we bought at a thrift store.

She (the super talented, crafty mom that she is) made herself, my niece and me tie skirts out of old ties.  So cute!  We also made each little man bow ties for the babies to wear at the party.

Using my Cricut machine I cut out ties for the good bags.  Which were filled with funny mustache glasses, bubbles, a harmonica, yo yo’s, kazoo’s, and a soft ball.  The girls got a few other girlie things too 🙂

Also using my Cricut machine I made a birthday banner, a little man banner for his high chair and a monthly banner with his monthly tie picture.

I made tissue paper balls using a tutorial I found on pinterest.  Very easy and added some color to our patio.

Since we were going with the little man theme, I thought it would be fun to do a “photo booth” using a piece of fabric and an old frame.

By the “photo booth”  I had a table with a sign and some props that I made using my cricut.

By the entrance I had a welcome sign posted on a easel I bought at Target on clearance for $12.00.

As guests entered, they stopped by the guest book table where they picked up their mustaches…

I printed out the signs and used scrapbook paper as the backing and we took some pictures with mustaches when we had out last photo shoot.

They also signed in the “guest book” which was a scrapbook that I made for the love nugget.

I will add pictures next to the messages from the birthday bash!

For the littles, we put up a shade cover and set up a picnic table which I covered with butcher paper for coloring.  I also set up a decorate your own tie station for some of the older kiddos.  We filled a small plastic pool with balls and filled up the love nugget’s water table for water play!

I saw a cute idea on Pinterst for a “pin the tie” game and used that idea to create a “pin the mustache” game.

I ordered a VERY large photo of the love nugget for pretty cheap from Costco, and taped it to thick poster board.  Then I cut out a bunch of mustaches using my Cricut and taped double sided scrapbook tape to the back of each.  Using a tie blindfold each of the older kids had a turn.

And loved it!

For the adults, I created a “Guess the Celebrity Mustache” game.

I printed out pictures of celebrities with mustaches and cut off their eyes.  I typed up some cards with blanks for each number and left pens and a basket so people could fill out the cards whenever.  Towards the end of the party we went through the cards and found a winner!  They received a box of chocolates as their prize.  Fun!

We had three tables set up for sitting and each had a vase with flowers as well as some snacks and mustaches.  The vases that were filled with pretty low-cost flowers from Costco, had bow ties and burlap to spruce them up a little.

Our beverage station was an old garden stand that we have.  I put a sign, a mustache quote and a little man photo on top.

I layed a bunch of old ties across the top to cover water and dirt stains then placed refreshing lemonade, iced tea and white wine spritzer in pitchers.  We also had juice for the kiddo’s, beer for the men, and water labeled personally for the love nugget’s special day!

 The cups had vinal mustaches on them that I cut out using my cricut.  The straws had mustaches that were hole punched to make it appear as if you had a mustache when you drank through them.

For food, I tried to do little man, mustache theme as best I could.

We had cups with snack for the littles, veggie straws, goldfish and snack mix.  We had veggie cups with ranch,  Pretzel cigars, couch potato chips, mustache PB&J, pigs in a blanket, bow tie pasta salad, manly sandwiches, cigar roll ups with turkey, ham or cheese, and mustache watermelon cut outs.  Thank goodness my mom came down the day before to help with the preparations!

The dessert table was a dessert/candy buffet.

I wanted everyone to fill a bag with treats as they left as our gift to them.

So I found some blue and green candy (which wasn’t super easy) and filled some vases that I had on hand.  For sweet treats I made chocolate dipped pretzels, cake pops, chocolate mustache pops, mustache cookies, tie cookies, sugar-free mini cupcakes for the babies and the love nugget’s sugar-free all natural cake.

The cupcakes I ended up ordering from Bel Air and was sooo disappointed!  I should have just made them!  I  did however, make the sugar cookies about a month ahead of time and froze them without icing.  I spent a good amount of time on Friday icing all 60 cookies.  I learned that I need to take a decorating class, they were so ugly!  The cake pops were a recipe I found on pinterest and everyone said they were pretty good!  For the love nugget’s cake and the baby cupcakes, I modified a recipe found on homemadebabyfood.com.  I used the sugar free carrot cake recipe but added pureed dates and apple juice concentrate then took out the sultanas.  I also used their cream cheese frosting but added some pureed dates to naturally sweeten it a little more.  I used a sugar sheet from Micheals to cut out some mustaches and then just added some food coloring to the cream cheese frosting and dabbed a few dots on. I thought it turned out pretty cute for my first decorated cake!  Usually I just slap on some frosting and call it good!

It was a lot of work but well worth it!  Like I said, I started planning and preparing months in advance so it actually never seemed like it was that much 🙂

Next post will include all the fun!

6 comments on “The love nugget’s 1st birthday party part 1, the decorations.

  1. WOW!!!! I am amazed….. you did such an awesome job! Love it!

  2. My husband and I are having a first baby this October – I am all over Pinterest looking at ideas and came across your 1st birthday party. This is a theme I am going for – I have a questions about the monthly tie onesies. Did you make the onesies or buy them? If you bought them, where did you find them? Thank you so much!

  3. Hi there! I too am doing a tie and stache bash for my little man’s first birthday!! I’m just wondering what cricut cartridge you used to do your decor?! I’ve been unable to find one!

    • Yay! It was such a fun party! I used the Billionare cartridge but it was hard to find. I believe I ordered it from Amazon. If you are interested, I had listed most of the decor from my sons party on Craigslist for $75 🙂 Skirts, banner, signs, photo props, etc.

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