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Weekend recap (minus the love nugget’s party)

I feel like by the time Sunday comes around I’m so beat I can’t even keep my eyes open!  We had another super fun, busy weekend.  Friday and Saturday we worked getting ready for the love nugget’s 1st birthday party on Sunday.  (More on that later)

We took a little break on Saturday so the love nugget could play in the pool with the white coyote.

Yep, he’s skinny dipping!  And he loved it!

Then we headed off to another birthday party for one of the love nugget’s little buddies.

Party time!

The love nugget is quite the party animal these days!

Snapped a pic of all our little May boys and mommy friends.  So fun that they were all born in the same month.  It’s been so neat to watch them grow up and become little buddies 🙂

Came home to finish up a few things for the party before going to bed.  We were all exhausted and eager for Sunday to arrive 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have some time to go through all the photos from today and get a birthday post up soon.  For now, we’re opening all the love nugget’s new toys.  They make these boxes so hard to open.  Parent proof!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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