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Curious George

So today the teething monster was back again!  He started the day off at 6:00 am which is much earlier than he usually wakes up.  He was still really tired but wouldn’t go back down.  So I got him up, gave him some milk and we watched Sesame Street.  He was content for about an hour then it was obvious he was exhausted and in pain.  Poor little guy!  So I gave him some tylenol and put him back to bed.  I had to wake him not too long after though to go to SS and luckily he was in a much better mood.

Ironically, I ran across a post on a blog that gave some teething advise.  Most of which we’ve tried, teething tablets, frozen teethers, ice, orajel naturals (the original was recalled due to choking so we haven’t used it) and tylenol.  For some reason I feel guilty breaking down and giving him tylenol even though it really seems to help him.

The one thing we haven’t tried, that supposedly worked really well for her was Jagermeister.  That’s right, the yucky, thick, black licorice tasting alcohol.  Huh, and I felt bad about giving him tylenol!  I wonder which one is worse?  What has worked for you with teething?

On our way home from SS and a few errands, the love nugget fell asleep and slept for another two hours.  He must be going through a growth spurt as well because he has been napping so much!  When he woke up he was back to being a happy, hungry little nugget.  Yeah!

After he had a long lunch, we went to go meet a friend at Whole Foods to see Curious George.  He was visiting to promote a watching his show.  The love nugget hasn’t watched his show yet but seemed pretty intrigued about this large monkey waving and holding other children.  He laughed and waved at him so I thought maybe he would take a picture with him.

Sorry for the blurry picture,  I forgot my good camera at home so I just had my iphone.  Plus it didn’t help that the love nugget was running away from him!  He didn’t cry but he wasn’t into him at all!  His little buddy didn’t mind him though.  He was just hanging out holding his hand happy as could be.

While at Whole Foods, I picked up a few things, as usual.  I came across a new snack that sounded pretty yummy.  While I’ve made my own kale chips before, I have yet to buy any because they are always so expensive for such a small amount.  Today they had a special on a different kind of kale chip so I grabbed a bag to try.

They seemed to be a pureed kale with some other natural ingredients and probably dehydrated (still want to get one of those!)  They were really good!  If only I could replicate them…

After Whole Foods, we went and met the hubby and my brother at The Yard House for dinner.  Even though this was the last place we went for dinner, my brother has not been yet.  The hubby and I shared a summer salad with romaine, strawberries, candied walnuts, leeks and balsamic dressing and a bbq chicken pizza.  When I say share I mean I had a salad and a piece of pizza and he had pizza and a few bites of salad.  Works for me!

Just as we got home someone knocked on our door.  I answered and was greeted by a high school student who said he was trying to meet neighbors, then handed me a laminated card.  He told me he got points for making eye contact, speaking clearly, and being friendly.  I thought maybe he was in some class where he needed to build social skills and this was his assignment.  Then before I had a chance to think any more about it, he handed me another pamphlet with magazine subscriptions listed and asked what my profession was.  When I told him stay at home mom he said, “oh, domestic goddess.”  I have to admit, this was the only part of the conversation I enjoyed.  Hadn’t been called that one before.

To make a long story short he was trying to earn money to go to Rome but he went about it in the worst way possible.  Very pushy and when I said I had just gotten home and needed to put my son to bed he basically begged me to buy something.  When I said no thank you again he said, “are there any cool neighbors around here?”  Really?  Who are you?  Do you really think you are going to earn enough money to go to Rome like this?  Sheesh!  At first I kind of felt for him because I have been in his shoes before but we were taught to ask in the most polite way possible and never, ever, push!  Wow!

This just makes me think more about the values I want to instill in my own children.  I think this article sums it up! http://boston.com/community/moms/blogs/24_hour_workday/2012/05/motherhood-mom-enough-advice.html





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