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Tired boy

Happy Monday to everyone!

We have such a busy week this week getting ready for the big party on Sunday!  I have to keep reminding myself that it’s only a 1 year olds birthday party but I can’t help but want to make it perfect!

Today we woke up early and went out to finally get my car back from the shop.  They called and told us it was ready about an hour before they closed Saturday while we were at a birthday party.  So we had to wait until they opened again this morning.  We came back home to have breakfast and then go to SS.  However, someone was a grumpy boy this morning and went back to bed much earlier than usual.  Guess he was exhausted from such a busy weekend!  He slept from 8:15 to 10:30!

We missed SS but I was able to get an elliptical workout in while I watched the finale of Desperate Housewives.  So sad that it’s over for good!

I also made a yummy snack or breakfast from Sugarfreemom called Individual Steel-cut Oat Cups.

Picture from Sugarfreemom.com

They turned out to be pretty good!  The love nugget really liked them as well.   I made one batch with fruit on the bottom, then I mixed up another batch and added PB2 and dark chocolate chips.  Yummy!

I popped half of them into the freezer for quick a quick and easy breakfast on the go.

The love nugget and I are waiting for the hubby to get home so we can go on our 5 mile run we were supposed to do yesterday.  It’s a very mild day here so I’m looking forward to a nice run.  The last few we’ve done, the weather has been so hot which makes it a little more difficult.

On the menu for dinner tonight, veggie burger for me, beef for the hubby, and fresh salad on the side!

What’s for dinner at your house?


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