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1 year ago today…

Do you know what you were doing one year ago?  I sure do!  One year ago was the love nugget’s due date.  Did he arrive on time though?  Nope!  He was pretty happy where he was and decided to stay until he was forced to come out on the 23rd.

So what was I doing exactly 1 year ago today, waiting!  And trying my hardest to induce labor without doing anything too crazy.  I worked out on my eliptical, scrubbed the kitchen floor, went for a long walk and finally we went out to chinese food ate spicy food.  Don’t worry, leading up to the due date I ate plenty of spicy mexican food hoping to push him along.  Nothing is more frustrating than going into the doctor after your due date and hearing that nothing is happening 😦

There were days I felt like he was NEVER going to come out.  I know, silly right?  It’s just the anticipation of meeting your special little one that kills you when you go past your due date.  That and feeling super large and in charge and ready to pop!

Luckily, he finally did come out and we were instantly in love.

This weekend we are celebrating some little nuggets who arrived when someone else was supposed to as well.   Tomorrow we have two birthdays!  Luckily one is at 11:00 and one is at 4:00 so we will be able to enjoy both.

I’m looking forward to spending some time with my little family for my first mother’s day.  Even though some of the day will be spent getting things ready for the love nugget’s birthday party, I can’t wait!  We haven’t had a lot of family time lately since we’ve been so busy so we are planning to picnic somewhere fun and enjoy the day.

What do you have planned for mother’s day?


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