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Major ooops today…

More on that later…

Hi there!  Hope everyone had a good Monday!

It was really warm here today!  Super nice, but warm!  We were sweating at 9:00 during Stroller Strides!  Love it!

After SS we went to Target to get a few things for the love nugget’s birthday.  I have to say, if you shop at Target as much as we do, you should have the Red Card.  It is attached to your checking account so using it is just like using your debit card.  When you use it though, you get 5% off your total purchase.  This adds up when you frequent Target almost every week like we do!

While the love nugget was napping today, I went out front to tackle a few projects.  Planted some new plants, watered, moved some rocks, then got into a battle with some bushes.

I won!

Then the nugget woke up so we had some lunch and I decided to attempt a craft I’ve been needing to do for the big birthday.  Make mustache color crayons.

How hard could that be right?

To begin with, I had to peel all the crayons.

Tried using just my fingers… didn’t work.

Tried using a knife to slice them… didn’t work.

Tried using a vegetable peeler… worked!

Then I broke them up and put them in a tin can to place in a pot of boiling water.

The wax melts pretty quickly and the tin can gets really hot so I used some tongs and an oven mit.

The yellow went great, got the wax melted and into the molds.  Popped them into the freezer and within a few minutes, done!  Okay, that was easy!  Moving onto orange.

Got the wax into the tin can, melting down good, realize I needed my wooden stick to stir the wax.

So I turn to reach behind me and grab it from the sink still holding onto the tin can with my tongs.  And… Ooops!

It’s all over the floor too 😦  Fun stuff!

The wax cooled immediately and unlike candle wax, does not just come right off.  So I used a trick I learned years ago.

Take a brown paper bag, place it over the wax and use an iron to heat the wax and soak some of it up into the brown paper bag.

This is a great trick if you get candle wax on carpet.  (I’ve done this before!)

Then I used a mop and some good old elbow grease to get the rest off the floor.  Good thing I had just picked up a new mop at Target!

A little Simple Green and a scrub brush on the stove top and good as new 🙂

I almost wanted to give up on my crayons after this but I couldn’t resist finishing because they were so cute!

I’ve still got a few more colors to go but they look pretty good!

I am so glad it is almost the love nugget’s birthday because he is sooo bored with his toys!  To keep him busy I’m trying out all sorts of different things.  Today it was a tupperware full of split peas, measuring cups and a bucket full of dry pasta.

He had fun and it kept him busy for a little while 🙂

He is really on the move now walking all over the place.  Not only that, but we are completely off bottles!

 Woo hoo!

He’s like a little drunk man wobbling around with his sippy cup.  So funny!

Today when the hubby got home the nugget was standing in the family room, saw him come in, and walked excitedly over to him and hugged his legs saying, “dadda, dadda!”  It was the cutest thing ever!

I know I’ve said it before but I can’t believe how much of a little boy he has become in the past few weeks!  Time really does fly by!

Now off to do dinner and relax 🙂

Have a good night!




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