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Curious George

Hi there!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  It was a very windy weekend here which led to major allergies for us all.  We had high hopes both Saturday and Sunday of going for a run but I HATE running in the wind and so does the hubby so we had to pass 😦  Yes I could have gone to the gym but we were on a time crunch both days as well so I didn’t make it.  Oh well!

We are beginning a half marathon training this week so we will be doing lots of running for the next 12 weeks leading up to our race.  This will be my fourth half marathon but the hubbies first and I’m excited to finally be doing one together.  I’m also excited because two of my besties are doing it as well!  To top it off, it’s in one of our favorite little wine towns, Healdsburg, so it will be super fun!

Back to today’s festivities…

We had our second May birthday today for one of the love nugget’s little buddies.  The theme was Curious George and it was adorable!  I’m glad we got there early enough so I could snap a few pictures of the party decorations.

The love nugget went straight to the water play table and loved it!

We’ve been debating on getting him one for his birthday but after today, we’ll be purchasing one soon.

They served up a yummy Mexican food spread and the love nugget wouldn’t touch his own food because he wanted to try some of the Mexican food.  He made quite a mess but loved it as usual!

The love nugget partied so hard he passed out as soon as we strapped him into his carseat then continued to sleep for another 2 hours after we got home.  Which worked out great for us because we were able to get some yard work done.  Almost finished with everything!

We finished off the evening with a nice refreshing skinny margarita(tequila, fresh lime juice, a little bit of agave and club soda) with chips and salsa.  Yummy!

I’d say we ended up getting in our Mexican food/beverages for Cinco de Mayo after all 🙂

Watching the season finale of Amazing race now!  Sad it’s over but eager to see who wins!


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