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Ice cream social

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby day!

Did you do anything fun for either?

I’ve always wanted to have a Kentucky Derby party just to be able to wear a fun hat and drink mint juleps.

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But we had our first May birthday party today so no big fancy hat and mint julep for us.

The hubby and I both went to Chico State and actually started dating while we were students.  We still have some friends that live up there so we go every once in a while.  Chico is such a fun town that has lots of cool restaurants, shops and different things to do.  However, usually when we go we  are there for a party or a quick visit and don’t get to participate in some of our old pastimes.

Today we decided we were going to try to leave a little early and go walk around the campus, stop by a fun restaurant and then hit up the Sierra Nevada Brewery.

But… we didn’t leave when we wanted to then just before we got into town, we ran out of gas.  Seriously the first time I have ever run out of gas.  Needless to say it was nowhere near my fault but I won’t embarrass the hubby with all the details.

Luckily, the love nugget is a pretty happy traveler and didn’t mind me hopping into the backseat to give him a snack while the hubby jogged to the nearest gas station.

So since we were a little behind schedule we picked up a friend and went to the brewery for lunch.  I was still a little beered out from last weekends beer tasting extravaganza but I couldn’t pass up bringing back some memories with some cold Sierra Nevada 🙂

After lunch we headed to our friends daughter’s 2nd birthday which was an ice cream party!  Fun!  She is such a creative mamma and always throws the cutest parties.

The love nugget was exhausted but still seemed to have a great time.  He even got to try some ice cream for the first time!  Of course he loved it!

We got home and decided neither of us were very hungry so instead of cooking the hubby had a leftover turkey burger and I had some tofu with hummus and goat cheese in a brown rice tortilla.  Simple and quick so we could just kick back and relax 🙂

Tomorrow we have church then May birthday number two, planting and hopefully some food preparation for the week ahead.  Busy weekend!


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