Pumpkin pie for breakfast?

Good morning!

I don’t eat a ton of meat, but I do like to eat fish like salmon, halibut, tuna and sometimes tilapia.  The hubby isn’t as much of a fish fan but will eat it if I cook it.  Last night we had a yummy maple glazed salmon recipe that I saw on Iowa Girl Eats blog. 

The only thing I changed was reducing it since we were only having one piece of salmon, and adding 1 tbsp of tamari.  The salmon was supposed to be grilled but we are out of propane for the grill so I baked it at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes glazing a few times.  It was delish!

I tried to replicate a quinoa pilaf that I had made a few weeks ago but it wasn’t the same 😦  I’ll have to try again and post the recipe once it’s perfected.  As usual we also had a salad to go along with our meal and I enjoyed a nice glass of Monterey county Pinot Noir.  It paired perfectly with the salmon.

This morning I woke up early to head to my Thursday morning spin class.  It was a little bit of a struggle since it was raining.  That would have been my excuse today if I had decided to stay in bed.  When I have mornings like today where I try to make excuses for not getting out of bed I think of this picture I pinned on Pinterest. 

Pinned Image

So I got up, pounded some water and headed to the gym.

I got there early to make sure I got my spot and to do a little foam rolling.

Got on my bike at 5:30 warming up my legs and ready to begin.

5:30 – no instructor

5:35 – no instructor

5:40 – no instructor

5:45 – no instructor and we are finally told that she overslept and will be arriving at 6:00 😦

Grrrr… and of course… no head phones 😦

I decided to run until she arrived and luckily she made it by 6:00 and doesn’t mess around.  We jumped right into an intense short ride.

The love nugget woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  Sometimes I wonder if he has bad dreams because usually he wakes up happy.  He was pretty upset and very cuddly which is unlike him.

We did have a major milestone this morning that made me a little sad.  We’ve been trying to begin weaning him off of a bottle onto a sippy cup as well as off of formula and onto milk.  He’s doing great with milk and drinks from a sippy cup during the day.  We were still doing a bottle of formula in the morning and one before bed.  Today I decided to try half formula, half milk from a sippy cup for breakfast.  Well… he sat on my lap and drank the whole thing out of his sippy cup!  Wow big boy!  I’m happy because I don’t want him to be on bottles after he turns 1 year old but it also made me a little sad because he’s getting to be such a big boy!

Since he’s now drinking milk and has had a whole egg instead of just egg yolk, I made him some pancakes using both.

Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 organic egg

1/4 cup organic applesauce

1/3 cup organic pumpkin puree

1 cup organic whole milk

Whisk together dry ingredients in a medium mixing bowl.  In a separate bowl, whisk together egg, applesauce, pumpkin puree, and milk.  Add to dry ingredients and mix until combined.  Pour 1/4 cup of pancake mix onto a cooking spray greased pan and cook for a few minutes on each side.  I always flip the first side when I start to see little bubbles popping through.

The love nugget really liked these!  I tried one and thought they were pretty tasty as well!

If you’re wondering about the strawberries he has in his bib, I decided to give them to him even though it’s recommended to wait until after 1 year.  Neither the hubby nor I have any food allergies except me being slightly lactose sensitive.  So we went ahead and did organic strawberries and he loved them!  Who doesn’t love strawberries 🙂

As far as introducing new foods to the nugget this past year I’ve followed a chart from homemadebabyfoodrecipes.com that was extremely helpful.  As a new mom I think you expect your pediatrician to either give you some sort of handbook on what to feed your baby or tell you exactly what to do.  Not the case at all!  I love our pediatrician because he is very open-minded and believes that some decisions should be based on your child rather than on what a book says.  So I’ve learned this past year to make more decisions based on what the love nugget seems ready for rather than on what others are doing or what a book tells me to do.  Luckily we have a very good little eater with no sensitivities to food so introducing new foods has been very easy for us.  Every baby is different though 🙂

Today we are taking it easy finishing up packing and running a few errands.  I also want to spend as much time as he’ll let me cuddling with my little love nugget since I’ll be missing him so much when I’m gone.  I love my little guy!

Photograph taken by our wonderful photographer Jessica Barrie


2 comments on “Pumpkin pie for breakfast?

  1. I want pancakes for dinner now! That recipe looks so yummy!

    I love that you talked about strawberries and reading your child to introduce foods. Neither my husband or myself have food allergies and the hubs didn’t know the Strawberry “rule”; well when Brynna was 7onths he gave her strawberries. I freaked a little in the inside but wanted him to be a part of the food experience. Brynna loved them, had no reaction and had been eating them ever since!

    We have been like that with all foods. There are certain things we will wait on like lunch meat, sushi, canned tuna and honey but everything else is game. My only rule is that it has to fit into a good group!

    So far we have had great success and a diverse little eatter!!

    • Haha! Brandon wanted to give him Strawberries a long time ago but I just happened to be around before he did. Since I’m leaving them this weekend and was quizing him on what we still weren’t giving him.

      We are pretty much waiting on the same things. Still haven’t done nuts yet but I am pretty close to just trying nut butter. We have no allergies in our families so I’m sure he’ll be fine. I’m finding it’s hardest with snack foods because I try to stay away from processed foods as much as possilbe. Including cheerios, puffs etc. I’m going to have to step up my game as far as coming up with new recipes for snacks!

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