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Wine tasting fun!

Good morning!  We had a great day yesterday on a birthday wine tasting trip.

It was a georgous day and despite some complications with the limo we had a wonderful time!

Myself and the birthday girl 🙂

I wish I would have taken pictures of the spread we had for lunch because it was really yummy!  I picked up a few things from Costco and made my new favorite hummus from Peas and Thank You as well as a super easy Quinoa Salad.  Everyone asked for the recipe so I’ll be posting later 🙂

We enjoyed some delicious wine and some much needed girls time!  Such a fun birthday celebration complete with party favors made by one of the girls, so cute!

After our wine excursion, we went back to the birthday girls parent’s house for a birthday dinner.  Our hubbies and love nuggets joined us as and had a fun time playing together.

The love nugget and his little buddy

Little buddies!

The only way we could get them to sit still together was by bribing them with Cheerios!  They are all on the move right now.

All our little nuggets were born in May, basically one week after another which means May is filled with birthdays for us!  Super fun though!

We had a delicious dinner with a lasagna cook off between the birthday girls dad and myself.  Mine with turkey, his with beef… Both were so yummy that nobody could decide on a winner 🙂

The love nugget partied with us until way past his bedtime then crashed on the way home.  He was such a good little guy and we had a great evening.

I’m off to make some apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast then we are taking advantage of this wonderful weather and getting some yard work done.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


One comment on “Wine tasting fun!

  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! And the kids are too cute hanging out together!!

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