Bikini ready?

Good Monday morning to you all!

It’s a beautiful morning here and we are looking forward to a great workout outdoors today!

This morning I woke up and realized that in just a few months we will be heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a much needed fun in the sun vacation!

Cabo Azul Resort Mexico

While I am super excited about this trip, I also realized that it’s been quite sometime since I’ve been in a swim suit.  Since the love nugget was born last May, I don’t think I even attempted to put one on last summer at all.  Which means it’s been a good two years!  While I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight, I would like to attempt to tone up a little more and lose 5 pounds before I say Hola to a bikini.

I eat really healthy foods and workout at least 5 days a week.  I know that I need to cut back on my healthy fat consumption (almond butter, almonds, macadamia nuts etc.) as well as my natural sugar (fruits) and carbs.  I also need to step up my workouts a little adding more cardio to my routine.  With Stroller Strides I get a good amount of strength training and now that the weather is nice, I’m hoping to add in more running weekly.

I like to track my caloric intake using an online food and fitness journal.  Since I don’t eat processed foods, this is a little time consuming because I have to add in all the ingredients one by one.  However, it has a huge database with all sorts of foods that make it a little easier to track.

I also get great motivation and healthy recipes from several different blogs.  Here are a few of my favorites;






And of course, there are tons of healthy recipes, motivational quotes, workouts, etc. on Pinterest!

So, I’ve got 82 days to get my butt into shape!  Sounds easy enough 🙂

What are you doing to prepare for bikini season this year?  Tips?  Secrets?  Please share!


5 comments on “Bikini ready?

  1. Aaaaa you just reminded me that I have 47 days until we are in Cabo!!!! I too have not had my bikini on in 2 years. I’m under my pre- pregnancy weight but with a much different body. My old bikini bottoms fall off and my tops look like pasties!

    I eat healthy and watch my intake but I’m not good about fitting in the activity. I want to get a few minutes in everyday before we go and get a little tones. Then bikini shopping one week ahead of time!!

    • Where do you guys stay in Cabo! I can’t wait to go!

      Good idea to wait until 1 week before to buy a swim suit! We went on a cruise the summer before I got Preggers so I have a ton of swim suits that I’ve worn just a few times.
      Have you heard of P90x or Instantiy? We have both programs and they are great at home workouts!

      • We will be at Playa Grande. Where are you staying? Are you taking the “Love Nugget”?
        Yes we have P90x, I think I need to come up with a plan that the Hubs and I can stick to in order to fit our workouts in. I already get up at 5am to go to work and don’t get home until 4pm. So I always feel like I need to spend my time with Brynna not at the gym or working out. So I guess I just need to commit myself to 30-45 minutes each night after she goes to sleep. I know I would feel so much better, I love working out but I also love spending every minute possible with the Bug! You are motivating me to stop making excuses and just do it!

      • We stay at Cabo Azul in San Jose del Cabo. It’s part of our time share and we love it! No love nugget on this trip! Momma and dadda time 🙂 How about you guys? I can’t imagine trying to squeeze in time to workout while working full time. Good for you for making an effort!

      • How fun to have a trip with the two of you! Brynna will be going, my brother will also be there with his 5 year old little girl. It is a big family vacation with my parents and their time share.

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