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Rain = Soup

Good morning!

Another rainy day here for us.  So much rain that we are opting to skip Stroller Strides and workout at home.  We have gymnastics today too so I’m hoping staying home will mean the love nugget gets a good nap before we go.

Yesterday since it was such a gloomy day, I made the love nugget some vegetable noodle soup for lunch and dinner.  It was super easy and even though I had to feed it to him on a spoon, he loved it!  He’s still been spitting out his food if I put it in his mouth so he can re-put it in himself.  Such a stinker!  Sorry, not the best picture.  Soup isn’t the easiest to photograph and I still need to take a photography class!


Vegetable Noodle Soup (Could easily make this chicken noodle soup)

2 cups of vegetable broth (I used a vegan bullion cube)

1 cup of water

1/2 cup chopped organic celery

1/2 cup chopped organic carrots

1/3 cup chopped yellow onion

Your choice amount of Whole wheat spaghetti

Bring broth to a boil and add in celery, onions, and carrots.  Lower heat and simmer for 20 minutes or until vegetables are tender.  Add in pasta and cook until tender.  Place soup into a blender or food processor and pulse for 10 seconds until slightly chopped.  This makes it much easier to spoon feed the spaghetti.  Cool slightly before feeding to your little one, enjoy!  Lots of variations here, add chicken, spinach, potatoes, etc.!

We had leftover spaghetti Squash Casserole from dinner the night before and it was even better the second time around!   I’ve been loving Mamma Pea’s blog so much that I ordered her cookbook even though I’m not planning to go fully vegan anytime soon.

So far I’ve made Apple Cinnamon pancakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hummus, and tofu frittata’s from the book and they’ve all turned out amazing!  Even the hubby, who isn’t that into being vegan at all, loved them.  He devoured the cookies in just over 1 day!  I have even been substituting the sugar for stevia and whatever I’m making still turns out great!  I might make another cookie recipe today depending on how the day goes.  The hubby loves sweets!

Off to get in a quick workout while the nugget naps then to gymnastics we go!

Have a great day everyone!


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