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Okay, seriously if you haven’t gotten pinterest yet you are really missing out.

When a friend introduced it to me a few months back, I wasn’t so sure about it.  It was somewhat confusing to start up and seemed like a lot of work.  But, once I finally got the hang of it I was addicted!  I had a hard time breast feeding my love nugget so I switched to pumping.  Which meant I spent a TON of time attached to my new “best friend” feeling slightly like a cow.  Pinterest became my saving grace during this time.  I could spend hours searching various boards and discovering all sorts of fun ideas.

Now that the love nugget is older and much more time consuming,  I don’t have as much time to browse Pinterest.  However, I still seem to find time to pop on daily and see what others have pinned or i are any new ideas for my own boards.

Here’s an article that gives some insight into what all the “pinning” craze is about.


I’ve gotten lots of great organizing ideas from Pinterest.  With the help of my wonderful hubby, we’ve done quite a few of them in our home.

A magnetic make up board and brush holders.   Make-up board tutorial   This one was really easy!  I found an old frame at Goodwill, bought a metal sheet from Home Depot and had the hubby cut it to fit the frame.  You could always ask at Home Depot if they can cut it for you or buy a frame to fit the metal sheet.  I bought some frabric and wrapped the frame using a hot glue gun to secure it to the back.  The hubby attached the burlap the the metal board using spray glue.  Then I glued magnets to the back of each make-up container.  For the brush holders I bought two vases from Michaels and black beans from the dollar tree.  So simple!

An earring hanger and necklace hanger.  I had a picture frame cupboard for all my jewelry but the necklaces were too long and I had too many earrings to store.  So I found these ideas on Pinterest and the wonderful hubby helped me out.  The necklace hanger was for sale on Etsy for $45!  We bought a peice of wood from Home depot, some fabric and small hooks.  The hubby drilled small holes into the board before I glued on the fabric.  Once I had covered the board with fabric, I used a razor blade to cut a small slit over each of the holes that were previously drilled.  Then I just screwed the hooks in and the hubby hung it on the wall.  For the earring hanger, I followed the turorial on the link.

We had been looking for something to put in our shower/toilet area to store towels and toilet paper.  When I saw this idea we went out and bought a few baskets and put the hubby put it up in a jiffy!  http://www.imbusyprocrastinating.com/

We had a space on the bathroom wall that was blank and bothering me.  I had been looking for some art work for a while but wasn’t finding anything I liked for the price I wanted to pay.  I  had a few old frames that I spray painted black, bought some cute scrapbook paper and wooden words.  I painted the words black, hot glued them onto the scrapbook paper, took the glass out of the frames and hung them on the wall.  Cute, simple and easy!  I borrowed the idea from an Etsy sale item, http://www.etsy.com/listing/69308862/custom-made-small-vintage-frame-with?ref=sc_2

I hate digging through drawers to find the measuring cup or spoon I need and as hard as I try to keep them attached, it never lasts.  So when I saw this idea for a measuring storage, I asked the hubby to help me create it.  He loves to make things so he was game!

It helps that I have such a wonderful hubby who loves to help me out, especially if it means he gets to use his tools.  Although, many of these things can be done without a hubby 🙂

If you’re not on Pinterest and would like an invite, just let me know and I will email you one!

Happy Pinning!


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