I love… I like…

June 28th, 2008 was the date I married my best friend.  We were together four years prior to that so in total we’ve been together for almost 8 years.  Wow, time goes by so fast!

We have always been pretty good at communicating and expressing our feelings to each other.  However, busy lives, a little love nugget and exhaustion means we have to work a little harder at our relationship.

As I’ve posted before we put forth a lot of effort to do weekly date nights in as well as date nights out when we get a chance.  But… what about the rest of the time and the little things?  Like compliments, loves, etc.  Those things seem to go by the wayside with the added stresses of life.  But aren’t they just as important as date nights?  I think so!

So I came across a book that at the time seemed a little silly.  Then when I got it in the mail it seemed even more silly because the entire book was filled with this….

I like ___________________

I like ___________________

That’s it!  You also put your name and the date but really, I paid $15 for this?

Hmmm… I went ahead and told the hubby about it and we got started listing things daily that we like about one another.  Well… it was great!  We really enjoy thinking of something to write down and look forward to seeing what the other has written.

Sometimes though, we get busy and forget to write in the book or it disappears for a few days and then we stumble across it in the love nugget’s toy box.  For these days and any other time we feel like it, I found this and posted it on the wall in our bathroom.

The latest message the hubby left for me 🙂

Super easy, free and a little more accessible than the “I like” book since we both use our bathroom every day.  I just downloaded the free printable and put it in an old frame.  Grabbed a white board marker we had at the house and started writing love notes 🙂

The website I downloaded it from is The Dating Diva’s.     Great blog with tons of idea’s for making sure you keep the romance alive!

I feel like these little things help to keep us close and feeling special even on those days where we don’t get a chance to verbally tell each other how much we love one another 🙂

What things do you and your hubby do to make sure you both feel special every day?


2 comments on “I love… I like…

  1. Cute, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that you posted this Giselle! It is so important that we nurture our adult relationships with our spouses or significant others, especially when it is so easy to only focus on your young kids. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

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