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Sad day…

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  We had a very busy day!  The day started off disappointing for me.  I woke up at 5:10 and headed to spin only to arrive to a full class 😦  Bummer!  Double bummer because I didn’t grab my iphone when I left so I had to do my cardio with no music.  Grrr… not a great gym morning.

Instead of going to Stroller Strides we went and met a friend for Story time at Megusta (kids store).  It was super cute but the love nugget’s still a little too young.  I can’t wait until he is older and we can go enjoy it!  Then we headed to the mall to get him some more spring clothes.  After that we ran home to make some Kale chips and  for our play date and the love nugget got in a quick nap.  We had a fun play date then home for dinner and bedtime and I got to relax on the couch with my Us Weekly 🙂

This morning I woke up nice and refreshed and ready for a fun filled day.  Stroller Strides then another play date with some friends.  The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny so we are excited to head to the park for a change.  But… then the saddest thing ever happened!  I put all my ingredients into the blender for my green smoothie, pushed the button and pow!  Buzzz…..  nothing happened but a yucky burned motor smell.  Uh oh…. the blender died 😦  Leaving me with no green smoothie 😦  I tried to put it in the food processor and blend it but it was pretty chunky and not as appetizing.   Really!?!  So hopefully today I can squeeze in some time to go and purchase a new blender.  Any good recommendations?  We had cuisinart, and to be fair, I think it was a blender/food processor combo that we got as a wedding gift so it was about 4 years old.  We are thinking maybe the Ninja?  I really want the vitamix but I can’t seem to talk the hubby into spending $400 on a blender.  Hmmm… decisions.

At least the sun is out today!  Have a good one!


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