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Teething :-(

Hello, hello!

We’ve had a long busy day over here.  Well, I guess it wasn’t super busy but for some reason it has seemed really long!  This morning the love nugget was being very fussy and I was feeling a little bit irritable.  He didn’t want to eat his breakfast, drink his bottle, or let me put him down.  In the past when this has happened, it’s usually linked to teething.   Hopefully this is the case again and we will soon see a new little tooth!  So after a LONG breakfast we headed off to Stroller Strides for a great workout.  Then we ran a few errands and came home so the love nugget could nap and mamma could get in some more cardio and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.  The love nugget slept long enough for me to workout, take a shower and eat a quick salad for lunch.  Thank you love nugget!  With the rain I had a lack of motivation to do any of the cleaning I had wanted to do.  So I played with the love nugget and waited for the hubby to come home so I could go get my hair done.

Since I didn’t get home until later, we had a quick dinner tonight.  I threw some veggies and tofu into a pan and made a yummy stir-fry.  I would post the recipe but I literally just cooked some of the veggies I had, fennel, asparagus, chard, red bell pepper, and added some tofu, garlic salt, reduced sodium soy sauce, and vegetable broth.  I had some cooked quinoa in the fridge so I served the stir-fry over this.  Pretty quick, easy, and healthy!

The hubby on the other hand, wanted to have one of his favorite, unhealthy, processed food meals….

Macaroni and Cheese. 


At least I’ve gotten him to switch to Annie’s Organic!

Sorry no new recipes from today but hopefully I’ll have something yummy to post tomorrow!

Have a great night!



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