First time blogger!

Hello there!

A few weeks ago the hubby and I were discussing our bucket lists and I put down on mine that I would like to write a blog at some point in my life.  Following that discussion I started thinking about it more and decided, why not now!  So…. here we are.

One of the main reasons I had thought to write a blog was to share my healthy recipes for grown ups and babies.  I am on a mission to remove all processed foods from our house and so far it’s been going pretty good!  However, I feel like lately I’m in the kitchen constantly cooking and coming up with new healthy recipes for the hubby, my love nugget (baby boy), and myself.  Yesterday on the agenda was cooking and planning meals for the week.  After church, breakfast with friends and a nice run, I headed to the kitchen to start my to do list.  I spent the next 3 hours making brown rice, black bean soup, peanut butter almond cookie dough bites (recipe to come soon), hummus, toasted garbonzo beans, couscous carrot patties (for  the love nugget), washing greens and cutting up fresh veggies.  On top of that I did laundry, fed and played with the love nugget and finally made dinner for the hubby and I.  Parmesan baked tilapia with wilted greens and brown rice.  Yum!  I finished the evening with a cup of dandelion tea and an episode of the Amazing Race.  What a Sunday!!!!

What do you prep for your weekly meals on Sundays?


2 comments on “First time blogger!

  1. Love this Giselle! That is one of the biggest frustration with feeding the family healthy fresh meals…the prep! A BUSY week and everything goes to h&*^! I guess it is better to fall and get back up again rather to just stay down. You win some and loose some, right:) Thanks for sharing…look forward to reading, I think we have a lot in common:)

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