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Choo Choo!

Hi there! So even though today started out disappointing with the blender blow up, it turned out to be a pretty great day!  After Stroller Strides, we met a friend and her two daughters for outdoor play time.  The weather was so nice for a change so we went to a small play area by […]

Sad day…

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  We had a very busy day!  The day started off disappointing for me.  I woke up at 5:10 and headed to spin only to arrive to a full class 😦  Bummer!  Double bummer because I didn’t grab my iphone when I left so I had to do my cardio […]

Ahhh sunshine :-)

Hi! The love nugget really enjoyed gymnastics class today.  He even stood by himself numerous times which he doesn’t do that often at home.  I think he gets lazy.  He was crawling and cruising all over the place too.  I think his favorite thing was getting to jump on the big trampoline.  So fun!  We had a […]

Peanut butter and chocolate, yum!

Good morning! We are off to a rainy start again today.  My goal this morning was to get up and do my elliptical when the hubby got up for work but… when his alarm went off and I heard the rain I decided to stay in bed.  Which means I’ll have to work out tonight.  […]

Teething :-(

Hello, hello! We’ve had a long busy day over here.  Well, I guess it wasn’t super busy but for some reason it has seemed really long!  This morning the love nugget was being very fussy and I was feeling a little bit irritable.  He didn’t want to eat his breakfast, drink his bottle, or let […]

Loud little man

Morning! Well suddenly our little love nugget has turned into quite the loud little man.   He has discovered how much fun it is to yell and bang on things.  It’s actually quite funny to watch.  He’s happy doing it so whatever floats his boat!  Although, we do draw a little more attention to ourselves in […]

Husband and wife time

Hello there!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a great weekend and finished it off last night with a new idea I had seen on The Dating Diva’s blog. Now that we have the love nugget, we’ve found that it is much harder to get to stay connected to each other.  I am constantly trying to come […]